• Assisted Parking Systems

    Rearview Camera. Switched on when the reverse gear is selected, it displays the area behind the vehicle. For some models, it also includes guidelines to help drivers assess available space for backing up.

    Parking Pilot/Active Parking Assist. Helps control steering, gear selection, gas, and braking so drivers can park their vehicles in parallel or perpendicular spaces.

    PARKTRONIC. Uses sensors in bumpers and provides an audible warning if a vehicle gets too close to obstacles or other vehicles when parking.

    Surround View System. Features a display with a simulated birds-eye view to show all sides of a vehicle and the nearby surroundings.

    PARKTRONIC. Uses sensors in bumpers and provides an audible warning if a vehicle gets too close to obstacles or other vehicles when parking.

  • Collision Mitigation and Safety Systems

    Evasive Steering Assist. Allows drivers to execute turns should the sensor and camera systems detect pedestrians in their vehicles path.

    Active Brake Assist/Active Brake Assist with Cross-Traffic Function. Audibly and visually warns drivers of potential collisions, and applies proper brake force if necessary.

    PRE-SAFE® Impulse Side. After detecting an imminent side impact, it moves the front occupant on that side away from danger toward the center of the vehicle.

    PRE-SAFE® Sound. Sensing an imminent impact, this audio system generates “pink noise” to reduce the effects of loud, harmful sounds to the ear canal.

    PRE-SAFE®. Helps ensure occupant protection and is activated in an unavoidable collision.

    PRE-SAFE PLUS. Uses radar to continuously monitor traffic behind a vehicle. It can also activate preemptive measures to protect occupants if it detects an imminent rear-end collision.

  • Night Driving Systems

    Night View Assist PLUS. Helps recognize pedestrians or large animals on the road.

    Active LED Headlamps/LED Intelligent Light System. Both designed to adjust to the curve of a road for increased visibility.

    LED Headlamps. Provides a bright beam that more closely matches daylight.

  • Driver Assistance Systems

    Active Speed Limit Assist. Lets drivers set and regulate speed in respect to posted limits.

    Distance Pilot DISTRONIC®/Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC. Helps drivers maintain selected distances between their vehicles and ones in front of them.

    Active Emergency Stop Assist. Can detect if a driver is not in control, and safely decelerate a vehicle to a complete stop.

    Active Lane Change Assist. After signaling a lane change for at least two seconds, it helps steer a vehicle into the adjacent lane on a multi-lane highway.

    Crosswind Assist. Makes driving in severe, gusty winds easier by using sensors to detect lateral movement of the vehicle. Should the vehicle be pushed off-track, it uses one-side braking to course- correct.

    Blind Spot Assist/Active Blind Spot Assist. Monitors areas that a driver cannot fully see in mirrors, and displays an icon in the side mirrors if an object is detected.

    ATTENTION ASSIST®. Tracking over 70 variables, this system helps determine when a driver is becoming tired or inattentive.

    Lane Keeping Assist/Active Lane Keeping Assist. Generates steering vibrations to warn drivers if it senses their vehicles are drifting out of their lane unintentionally.

    Car-to-X Communication. Along with alerting driver to potentially dangerous situations immediately, it exchanges information with other models in the surrounding area that are also equipped with this cellular technology.

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