Just remember, the repair of your leased vehicle may require the use of Genuine Mercedes-Benz Parts.

Genuine Mercedes-Benz Collision Parts

Genuine Mercedes-Benz Collision Parts. The smart way to restore your vehicle.

Reliable, easy to install, and made of the highest-quality materials, Genuine Mercedes-Benz Collision Parts are designed for an exact fit and finish. Since they are specifically engineered for a vehicle like yours, they can help ensure that your Mercedes-Benz is as closely restored to its pre-collision condition as possible.
  • Bumpers

    Genuine Mercedes-Benz Bumpers

    From fit and appearance to durability and performance, Genuine Mercedes-Benz Bumpers are a cut above. Built using high-density original resins, these bumpers are designed to work in conjunction with your vehicle's safety systems. Plus, they must meet stringent requirements not only for safety in both high- and low-speed impacts, but also for engine cooling/HVAC performance; aerodynamics; noise; vibration; harshness (NVH); assembly; and serviceability as well.

  • Genuine Mercedes-Benz Fenders

    Along with enhancing your vehicle's appearance and aerodynamic performance, Genuine Mercedes-Benz Fenders work in unison with your vehicle's safety systems, and thanks to quality construction, are also built to resist dents, dings, and corrosion.

  • Genuine Mercedes-Benz Hoods

    Made to the same specifications as the original equipment, Genuine Mercedes-Benz Hoods are designed for appearance and safety. In an accident, they are engineered to crumple in a prescribed manner to avoid intrusion into the passenger compartment. Durable and easy to install, these hoods are built for an exact fit to correspond with each and every Mercedes-Benz model.

  • Grilles

    Genuine Mercedes-Benz Grilles

    Meeting all the OEM specifications for fit and finish, Genuine Mercedes-Benz Grilles are designed to allow for direct and proper airflow into the radiator and engine. Rigorously tested, these grilles are always application-specific to Mercedes-Benz models.

  • Headlamps

    Genuine Mercedes-Benz Headlamps

    Tightly sealed to prevent moisture, dust, and road debris from entering, and UV-protected to reduce yellowing, Genuine Mercedes-Benz Headlamps fully integrate with the Intelligent Lighting System, and feature a beam pattern that provides optimal light output and reduces glare for oncoming vehicles.

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